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Student Life

You only have to be you.

Community is our superpower

Connection and community are at the heart of our school culture. Our remote learning environment feels human and authentic, not distant and isolated - a place where students can connect, support and inspire one another, dream big, and make meaningful friendships. Sora students and parents benefit from membership in a school community that offers many opportunities to engage and connect with other students, parents, faculty, and school leaders.

While students’ days are active whether between working on research for a project, meeting with their advisor, or chatting with a group of students in a club, we also want them to have time throughout their day to take a break, get outside, practice a sport they love, or walk the dog! There’s no need for our students to be sitting in front of their computer for 8 hours a day.

When I started, it felt like I had been there forever, everyone is so supportive. The debate club is my favorite club.

High School Student

Better together

At Sora, school is a group activity.

With my house, we actually got close enough where we exchanged numbers. And we have this group chat where we talk outside of school and plan to meet up.

Middle School Student

Social activities

Sora has a very special student community that offers so many opportunities to build relationships and school memories!

I want to focus on ocean conservation and shark protection, and all of that started from going to one Expedition at Sora.

Middle School Student

Sora Student Speaks at WebSummit 2022

Sora student Ciara Sejour speaks at WebSummit 2022 about tangible solutions for building an empowered workforce of the future.

Ciara is a 15-year-old Sora student, member of The Knowledge Society, podcast host, and changemaker in the AI, Edtech, and Health Tech space.