Career Tracks

Accelerating Students Towards Their Future Careers

Tracks are area-specific study programs to support career exploration. Sora is geared towards equipping students for whatever their next step is, and the tracks program reinforces this by supporting industry deep-dives. 

Each track is guided by a track advisor who comes from a relevant industry. Track advisors not only serve as mentors and sounding boards as students contemplate their eventual career path, but also key connectors who facilitate meaningful input from industry mentors and other influences.

How the Tracks Program Works

All Sora students begin in an explorer’s track, geared towards helping students plan their future and chart their course, depending on their end goals. As a student progresses at Sora, they are then able to select a track that reflects their interests and aspirations.

During the time in their track, students are encouraged to explore their areas of interest more deeply, theming their academic projects around these skills.

Students are also connected with their peers in their track, getting to see firsthand other students’ work and progression within the curriculum. Students meet with their track advisor regularly in order to track their progress and seek guidance on projects, questions, and other curiosities.

Engineering Track

In the Engineering Track, students design and execute projects across hardware, biomedical, mechanical, and computer engineering. The goal of the Engineering Track is expose students to broad engineering disciplines while they build a portfolio of career-readiness projects. Here, students work on a variety of hardware focused projects like building remote-controlled cars, prototyping a measuring tool with lasers, designing an environmentally friendly city, and so much more. Supporting our Engineering Track is a network of engineers from SpaceX, MIT Media Lab, Georgia Tech, the Center for Disease Control, and beyond.

Digital Arts Track

In the Digital Arts Track, students learn core visual design principles and work on projects that can range from visual and graphic design to architectural interior design to sketching and illustration. The goal of the Digital Arts Track is for students to learn core visual design principles and build a design portfolio for their resume and external work opportunities within design. Our Digital Arts Track program is also supported by professionals from Mentor Network from the Royal College of Art, Washington University in St. Louis, Guild Quality, Coda Labs, and the Savannah College of Art and Design.

Health Sciences Track

In the Health Sciences Track, students dive into research projects in a variety of science fields, from biology to neurology to anatomy. The goal of the Health Sciences Track is expose students to important research disciplines and skills through their study of the physical world around them. Here, students work on projects ranging from the study of memory and the process of embedding in the brain to the biophilia effect and how seeing natural foliage can impact humans in space travel. In this Track, students are guided by an experienced Track Advisor and supported by professionals from our Mentor Network that have worked at organizations like NASA, Stanford University, Floyd Medical Hospital, Emory University, and more. 

Additional Tracks

Sora is continually adding more tracks to support student interest. We currently maintain tracks in business and entrepreneurship, engineering, digital arts, classical arts, agriculture, human services, and health sciences.

If there’s a track you’d be interested in that you don’t see listed here, connect with our admissions office to let us know!