Career Tracks

Accelerating Students Towards Their Future Careers

Tracks are optional career and field of study oriented programs that any student at Sora can enroll in. 

In our program, as students narrow their fields of interest and begin to pursue more advanced work, they choose a Track from a wide range of fields. Tracks are led by Track Advisors who come from industry and often have multiple years of experience in that particular field. This program is designed for students who are looking to deeply explore their selected field and want to receive focused mentorship and resources.

How the Tracks Program Works

When students first join Sora, they spend much of their time exploring their interests and what they want to do in the future. When they land on an area of focus, they can enroll in a Track.

In Tracks, students work on guided industry-focused projects, receive career mentorship, and explore their chosen field. Students who participate in a Track replace their Independent Project with a Track project, the theme of which depends on their chosen Track.

Students meet with their Track Advisor multiple times every week for guidance and to get input on their projects alongside other students in their Track. Track Advisors will also meet with students 1:1 outside of their group meeting time and be available to answer questions. Students that participate in Tracks also work on their core academic requirements through Independent Projects and Learning Expeditions.

Engineering Track

In the Engineering Track, students design and execute projects across hardware, biomedical, mechanical, and computer engineering. The goal of the Engineering Track is expose students to broad engineering disciplines while they build a portfolio of career-readiness projects. Here, students work on a variety of hardware focused projects like building remote-controlled cars, prototyping a measuring tool with lasers, designing an environmentally friendly city, and so much more. Supporting our Engineering Track is a network of engineers from SpaceX, MIT Media Lab, Georgia Tech, the Center for Disease Control, and beyond.

Design Track

In the Design Track, students learn core visual design principles and work on projects that can range from visual and graphic design to architectural interior design to sketching and illustration. The goal of the Design Track is for students to learn core visual design principles and build a design portfolio for their resume and external work opportunities within design. Our Design Track program is also supported by professionals from Mentor Network from the Royal College of Art, Washington University in St. Louis, Guild Quality, Coda Labs, and the Savannah College of Art and Design.

Health Sciences Track

In the Health Sciences Track, students dive into research projects in a variety of science fields, from biology to neurology to anatomy. The goal of the Health Sciences Track is expose students to important research disciplines and skills through their study of the physical world around them. Here, students work on projects ranging from the study of memory and the process of embedding in the brain to the biophilia effect and how seeing natural foliage can impact humans in space travel. In this Track, students are guided by an experienced Track Advisor and supported by professionals from our Mentor Network that have worked at organizations like NASA, Stanford University, Floyd Medical Hospital, Emory University, and more. 

More Tracks to Come

We will continue to add additional Tracks throughout 2021. By Fall 2021, our program will offer these Tracks: Engineering, Design, Entrepreneurship, Agriculture, Human Services, Classical Arts, and Health Sciences.