College Preparation at Sora

Our philosophy around outcomes

At Sora, students have a unique opportunity to take control of their education by pursuing their own passions and interests through independent projects. As they narrow down their interests and explore this self-discovery process, they begin to define their path after graduation. For many, that path takes them to college.

At Sora, we believe that learning to truly understand themselves is vital- not only to an appropriate college search, but also to a successful transition into the beginning stages of adulthood.

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The College Preparation Process

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Cymri E. Sora Grad, Class of 2021

Choosing a college is not a one-size-fits-all process.

Individual support is in Sora’s DNA from the level of community engagement with faculty, staff, and peers to the college application process. Ultimately, applying for college does take time and strategic planning; however, the experienced college guidance team at Sora assures that students have the support they need.

College guidance begins during the fall of junior year when students and families meet with their college counselor for initial discussions. Throughout the year, students meet regularly in small groups with the college counselor to consider schools to visit and possible courses of study. Students are encouraged to pursue visits during the summer between junior and senior year. During the fall of senior year, students finalize application lists, receive support in completing essays and applications via letters of recommendation and work one-on-one with their college counselor to complete the process.

What exactly makes Sora students stand out with regard to colleges and universities? Chris Wilson, Sora’s Head of Schools, states “Colleges remark that they are impressed with students from Sora because they have already shown not only an interest in a specific area but also an aptitude, which has been demonstrated through their hands-on independent projects. That kind of exposure early on is invaluable.”

Sora’s first-ever graduates all chose college paths for themselves. Hannah is studying Biomedical Engineering at Mercer University where she is exploring ways to design with access in mind. Alexa is double-majoring in Math and Statistics at Coastal Carolina University and has also made waves with an essay on Paulo Freire. Cymri found her passion for STEM at Sora and changed her career trajectory towards marine biology. She is majoring in the subject at Jacksonville University.