Learning Expeditions

How learning expeditions work

At Sora, students actively explore novel subjects and fields of study through Learning Expeditions. 

These expeditions are active learning experiences designed by our Learning Experts, held a couple of times per week and centered on a topic based on community level interest. In a Learning Expedition, students are pushed to the bounds of their knowledge and are active participants in their learning. These expeditions are somewhat similar to a class, but they aren’t lectures.

They’re socratic discussions, projects, labs, and other active-learning based formats. Students in Learning Expeditions meet at select times throughout the week.

Learning Expeditions typically take place over the course of a few weeks, after of which the expeditions change and new ones are offered, sometimes on new topics, sometimes on further exploration of previous expedition topics.

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Learning expedition example

Humane Technology and Online Community

How can we design technology that has our goals in mind?
In this Learning Expedition, we explore how technology and online communities have evolved, how online personas have evolved, and how current platform dynamics influence behavior (Facebook, TikTok, etc). We analyze the impact of digital technologies on characteristics like attention span and relationships.

Skills covered in the expedition: