Making the Sora Activities Library Free

Students are insatiably curious. At Sora, our students are no different. In our unique high school program, students explore their interests through working on hands-on projects with the help of industry mentors, attending Learning Expeditions on a variety of topics from coastal engineering to the philosophy of Naruto.

However, this past year, we encountered a challenge: students had so many interests, their desire to learn stretched beyond the synchronous learning experiences we offered. Initially, we encouraged students to find their own content or create their own learning activities, but that proved to be time-intensive and challenging. Students just wanted pre-made curricula they could follow to learn anything from high school. Unfortunately, there was no ready-made database of learning experiences or engaging projects beyond old-fashioned worksheets and books. All other resources were either too easy, didn’t cover enough topics, or were just way too expensive. 

So, without an alternative, the team at Sora set out to curate a library of high-quality projects and educational activities for our students to use. We ended up collecting and designing well over 200 activities for our students to use in their learning at Sora.

Today, we’re opening the beta version of the public Sora Activities Library to the world for free.

Many people may ask, “Why would we do that?” We recognize that, especially in the age of COVID, millions of families are homeschooling in the US and around the world. We know that finding high-quality curricula can be difficult, especially for older students—and particularly for those who think outside the box. Too many families feel forced into using boring textbooks simply because they can’t find other academically rigorous options. Given this reality, we knew sharing our resources would make a real difference in some students’ lives. 

Although these activities are just a small part of what makes our school special, we hope they’re helpful for middle and high school students on their learning journey. If your student falls in love with this way of learning, we think they’d love our school.

Check out the Sora Activities Library.

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