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Math at Sora

We embrace a holistic, meaning-based

approach to mathematics

Let's do some math!

Like all of Sora’s learning experiences, our math program emphasizes meaning-based and mastery-oriented learning. Math serves as a tool for making sense of and improving our world. Students still strengthen their math muscles with practice and problem sets, but to the end of creating a fantastic project, not taking a high-stakes test.

This hands-on exploration lays the groundwork for tackling central project questions, seamlessly integrating math into the complex, practical, and messy aspects of real-world learning.

Math is a stand-alone expedition at Sora, integrated with other subjects and expeditions. Students learn mathematical skills in their dedicated math meetings (classes) while demonstrating mastery of real-world projects.

Love the work at Sora, and my kids cannot stop talking about all the creativity in their classes, and the autonomy and self-confidence is the coolest thing to see grow! It’s extremely different, built for the students with the students in a beautifully engaged way.

Current parent at Sora

How does it work?

Do you remember when you were in math class?

You likely sat there quietly attempting to make sense of the endless symbols your math teacher was writing on the board. Do you remember the stress that coursed through your body as you approached an upcoming test or quiz? That’s NOT how you help students fall in love with math and its power to transform the world.

What if, instead of a series of drills, memorization of facts, and copying off the board, you were taught how to use math as a set of tools for making your life better? What if curiosity and experimentation drove what and how you learned math? Big questions like “How do I  save and spend money?,” “What is justice?,“ and even “Who am I?” are the springboard for diving head-first into algebra, geometry, calculus, and statistics. That’s Sora’s meaning-based approach to math education!

Is the traditional classroom not working for you when it comes to math?

If you’re stuck, your math expert is here to help point you in the direction of resources and targeted practice to meet your specific needs and learning goals. This isn’t your mom’s one-size-fits-all math homework–you’re spending time in and out of class practicing the skills and mastering the concepts for which YOU need the most support, all while learning to solve real-world problems and making informed decisions. Our small class sizes allow math faculty to understand and support each student’s individual math journey.

Want to move faster or need to slow down?

With Sora’s mastery-based assessment system, you can always take on additional math courses or even re-visit troublesome topics.  Project-based learning allows you to calibrate the level of challenge most appropriate for your learning goals and needs. From Middle School Math Foundations through college-level Calculus and Statistics (and beyond), we’ll ensure you are in the appropriate class with just-right support from faculty and friends.

Digital Tools for Math Mastery

In addition to direct guidance from faculty members in math meetings, students also use digital tools like Desmos, IXL, and others to bolster students' mathematical understanding and skill development. The specific tools selected for individual students and specific learning experiences will vary based on student learning needs and the specific mathematical concepts within the learning experience.

After 11 years of 'I hate math, I don't understand anything,' to my child LOVING math for the first time... THANK YOU!

Current parent at Sora

Math Courses

Sora offers a comprehensive Middle School math curriculum, including Math Foundations, Pre-Algebra, and Algebra 1. Math Placement Testing will be incorporated into the student onboarding process in the near future and will be required for all incoming students.

Students in middle school who are ready to progress to higher levels of math are offered the opportunity to register for high school-level math as well.

At the High School level, students master foundational Algebra and Geometry concepts and skills before embarking on advanced mathematical studies via either Calculus or Statistics. To satisfy high school graduation requirements, Sora students are required to take 4 credits of Math in the High School Program. These requirements are reflective of most state standards. Additionally, all ninth graders must begin at least Algebra 1 in order to successfully complete the required 4 credits of Math.

Project Example: Take me to the Movies

Can you smell the popcorn? In this immersive Middle School math project, students explore the mathematics behind a trip to the movies and try their hand at business management. Check out how one Sora middle schooler got creative and used Roblox to turn algebra into a cinematic experience.

During this project, students:

  • Use data tables, graphs, variables, and expressions to model the cost of a movie outing for various families.
  • Delve into the world of business management, considering the operating costs of a movie theater.
  • Harness the power of algebra to set strategic prices and generate profits, ensuring the projectors keep rolling and the popcorn keeps popping!
  • Gather data on ticket costs (for adults and children at different showtimes) and concession prices at their local theater.

I am advanced in math and I love that I can do it at my level. What's even better about it, at Sora I am using math practically.

Current Sora Student