Mentor Network

Enrich your learning with experienced industry mentors

Sora’s mentorship network is meant to expose students to industry insiders through community talks and other events as a way to highlight different career paths and increase the potential for mentor-mentee relationships to form organically between students and industry leaders. 

A mentor with experience in your field is invaluable: not only do they provide insider knowledge on what it is like to work in the industry, but they can also offer tailored support when you need it. 

Students enroll at Sora with interests running the full range between academic and entrepreneurial and beyond. That’s why our program brings industry professionals of all backgrounds to our students as a resource for their learning.

Working in industries like medicine, technology, finance, academia, and the arts, they serve to both inspire and guide students along their learning journeys. The mentors in our program have worked at organizations like SpaceX, Wikipedia, Apple, and much more.

Mentors in our mentor network interact with students through guidance on select projects, Lightning Talks given to the whole school, and 1:1 conversations. Through these experiences, students get to explore not only their interests but their future aspirations of careers and fields of study.

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