Our Team

At Sora, we’ve brought together educators, engineers, admissions officers, and other incredible people all across the world to build a new high school unlike any other.

Carolyn Reeves

STEM Expert

Carolyn started off her career as a software engineer. After she earned her Master’s in Math from the University of Georgia, she was a high school math teacher for years before Sora.

Michael Granado

Humanities Expert

Michael has an extensive background in the humanities with his M.T.S. in Historical Theology from Emory University, paired with years of high school teaching experience.

Brandy Daniels


Brandy is a Certified Professional Coach who holds a Master’s degree in Public Health from Emory University and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Miami University.

Maryah Laine

Spanish Guide

Maryah served as a Spanish translator and a private Spanish teacher for many years. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Cross-Cultural Communications from Thomas Edison State.

Ailsa Beggs

English Guide

As a student at Columbia University, Ailsa wrote content at Legal Outreach and worked as a Case Analyst at Outten & Golden LLP before joining Sora to help students with their writing.

Desiree Daniel

Biology Guide

Desiree earned her Bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences with concentrations in Biology and Health Management at the University of South Florida, where she also worked as a Biology TA.

Erin Wrobel

Math Guide

Erin earned her Bachelor’s degree in Math from the Georgia Institute of Technology and also serves as a Math grader and helper at The Art of Problem Solving.

Lana Hungerford

Math Guide

Lana has a Master’s Degree in Education from Dominican University and has been a teacher for the past ten years during which she worked as a math interventionist and STEM teacher.  

Ryan McLaughlin

Math Guide

Ryan is a veteran math teacher with experience in administration, curriculum design, and technology integration and advocacy. He loves working with students and helping math to come alive!

Chris Wilson

College Counseling and Accreditation Consultant

An experienced school leader, Chris served as Head of School for Peoria Academy and The Bement School. He has served on numerous school accreditation teams and overseen the professional development of school leadership teams.

Maria Hernandez

Health Sciences Track Advisor

Maria earned her degrees in Molecular Biology and Public Health and worked as a hospital corpsman in the US Navy. She has worked in biotechnology companies and most recently as a NASA Payload Operations Specialist for experiments on the ISS.

Maythana Paquete

Design Track Advisor

A self-taught user experience designer, Maythana loves thinking through complex problems and breaking them down into streamlined designs. She has worked in multiple roles across product and brand design.

Ole Kröger

Software Engineering
Track Advisor

 Ole is a student earning his Master’s in Computer Science at Heidelberg University in Germany. He previously worked as a backend web developer at OBMK.

Dana Gretton

Hardware Engineering
Track Advisor

Dana earned his degree in electrical engineering and computer science at MIT, where he also works on robotics for biotechnology and software.

Tiago Peixoto

Senior Full-Stack Developer

Tiago worked as Engineering Lead at Mobiliza and a Software Engineering Manager at Ahgora Systems. He previously co-founded a software development agency called Plyom.

Felipe Menezes

Full-Stack Developer

 Felipe previously worked as a Product Manager and a Software Developer at Ahgora Systems. Before that, he was a software developer intern at AgileProcess.

Kevin Faveri

Full-Stack Developer

 Kevin previously worked as a Full-Stack Developer at TradersClub and Mobiliza, responsible for developing back-end and front-end solutions for core product. In his spare time, he also contributes to open source projects.

Tara Baumgarten

Learning Experience Designer

 Before Sora, Tara served as a Learning Architect as iDesign. She has worked in education design for multiple years at organizations like the Education Design Lab and George Washington University.

Suzanne Conquest

Head of Partnerships

 Suzanne is an experienced education leader. She was previously Senior Director of Partner Engagement at the ACT corporation and worked at the United States Department of Education prior to that.

Juli Cooper

Director of Growth Marketing

An experienced marketer, Juli previously worked at ProdPerfect as the Director of Digital Marketing before Sora. In the past, she served as an English teacher at an international school. 

Anthony Gault

Admissions Counselor

An experienced admissions officer, Anthony previously served as Associate Director of Admissions at Laurel School and Graland Country Day School before joining Sora.

Wesley Samples


Before Sora, Wesley co-founded a creative agency called Elevate Media while he was a student at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He also worked as a Venture Partner at Contrary Capital.

Indra Sofian


 Indra previously worked as a Content Marketer at UXPin and worked in youth entrepreneurship education through his involvement with Startup Exchange and 3 Day Startup. 

Garrett Smiley


Before Sora, Garrett co-founded two charities across his time in high school and college: Drops of Love, building wells in developing nations, and FLiP, teaching financial literacy skills to foster children in Atlanta.