Our Team

At Sora, we’ve brought together educators, engineers, admissions officers, and other incredible people all across the world to build a new high school unlike any other. 

Carolyn Reeves

STEM Expert


Michael Granado

Humanities Expert


Brandy Daniels



Maryah Laine

Spanish Guide


Ailsa Beggs

English Guide


Desiree Daniel

Biology Guide


Erin Wrobel

Math Guide


Lana Hungerford

Math Guide


Tiago Peixoto

Senior Full-Stack Developer


Felipe Menezes

Full-Stack Developer


Kevin Faveri

Full-Stack Developer


Tara Baumgarten

Learning Experience Designer


Suzanne Conquest

Head of Work-Study


Juli Cooper

Director of Growth Marketing


Anthony Gault

Admissions Counselor


Wesley Samples



Indra Sofian



Garrett Smiley