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Sora is a virtual private middle school and high school, accredited by Cognia, NCAA & WASC.

We offer schools our unique, interdisciplinary classes via our cutting-edge Sora Home LMS with highly engaging teachers.

Partner with Sora on your elective or core academic programs to provide students with a highly engaging virtual learning experience.

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Sora is an innovative, online middle and high school that provides curious students with the freedom to explore their interests, challenge themselves, and discover their future careers. Sora students grow by mastering skills in projects that reflect real-world challenges and problems.

By partnering with Sora, your school can offer our unique, interdisciplinary classes to your students and engage them with exciting subjects like “Artificial Intelligence in Friends and Literature” or “Philosophy of Anime”.

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At Sora, our Learning Expeditions are not like traditional classes. They take place in 6-week periods–or cycles–and typically have 2 synchronous hour-long sessions per week
(ex. Mondays and Thursdays or Tuesdays and Fridays).

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Students participate in interesting debates, labs, games, and activities that allow them to learn in a much more hands-on manner. The teachers are highly engaging and often let the students guide the discussion or activity.

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In a Learning Expedition, students never have to ask “when will I use this in real life?” By connecting to a topic that students either care about or can apply in life, they become much more interested in the class and actually participate instead of passively listening.

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Students often guide the direction of the Expedition itself, allowing them to tailor their final project topic and deliverable to their particular area of interest. These classes are designed for students to actively drive their own learning.

Highly Engaging

While our accredited classes are designed to capture the imagination and interest of students, what we call Learning Expeditions, they also cover core academic units and standards in math, science, ELA, social studies, and more.


Our program packages all the individual units into a mastery-based transcript for colleges and other institutions of higher education, complete with a GPA and details about the student’s academic strengths. Ultimately, our classes help your school engage and retain students by taking your curriculum to the next level.

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Discover Sora Curriculum


At Sora, we’ve in-house designed & developed cutting-edge learning management software that we call Sora Home.


On this platform, students can view and submit their assignments, see how they’re performing, view feedback on deliverables from their teachers and other students, and manage their classes.


Sora Home captures data about attendance, assignments, and deliverables and flags the teacher if there are any concerns.

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Choose Your Interests
Create Your Schedule
Set Your Goals
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Explore the variety of different partnership models we offer to schools. We will gladly design a specific buildout for your academic needs.

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Offer a six-week elective class from our catalog of Learning Expeditions to your students. Expand your academic offerings with a suite of classes on a variety of educational topics–the sky’s the limit. Each Expedition takes six weeks to complete and can be scheduled throughout the day or right after regular school hours. You can also increase the number of Expeditions offered, providing an array of fun electives for your students to take.

An example of an elective would be Design for Life, where students use graphic design to communicate important health resources and issues.

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Your students can take an accredited, semester-long Learning Expedition at Sora that can count towards elective or core academic requirements–anything from art to advanced physics. Provide your students the opportunity to study something new and expand their worldview while earning academic transfer credit. These can be offered in individual semesters or during a regular school year.

An example Learning Expedition would be Commotion in the Ocean, where students study the impact of human activity on the chemical structure of our world’s oceans.

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Your school fully integrates with Sora, and we can run your academic program and instruction in specific subjects such as math or science, or your entire instruction, powered by Sora.

We will gladly design a specific buildout for your academic needs. Contact our team to discuss your needs and potential options for your school.


We’ve selected the top 1% of teachers that know how to engage their students and want to help their students find the answers, not lecture at them. Our faculty learn alongside the students and treat the classroom as an educational partnership. They allow students to design what they’re learning around their interests and get to know them.


Our diverse team of faculty comes from a variety of backgrounds and from all over the world. In Learning Expeditions, our teacher-to-student ratios are typically capped at 15:1—they really get to know students and build relationships.

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Maryah Laine
World Language Expert
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Angela Anskis
Dean of Students
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Adam Lifland
STEM Expert
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May Hong
Humanities Expert
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Keedan Hopkins
STEM Expert
“I love working with Sora students because the creative care and innovation that I see them display each day gives me hope for a better future. They consistently manage to make me laugh and bring me so much joy. I could never imagine not loving this job!“
“Sora is different from any other online school because we offer so many opportunities for socialization! With clubs, pop-up events, and house activities, our students have so many opportunities to connect with their peers and form lasting friendships.”
“I love working with Sora students because they're so thoughtful and are always thinking outside the box! We get to be so creative and learn about all kinds of exciting topics together.”
“My favorite thing about Sora students is that they're not only intellectually curious, they're also intellectually generous. I'm constantly inspired by how willing they are to share project ideas, creations, and feedback with the community in order to build and iterate on a collective learning space.”
“Sora is different from any other school because the focus isn't on test scores. It's about making good students into great adults. Here, each student has a unique experience because they are able to have more preference on how they want to learn and what they would like to learn about.”

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