Young People Deserve Better

Sora is the pioneering middle and high school that empowers curious students with the freedom to pursue their interests and discover who they are.

Students choose classes they think are interesting like “The Science of Marvel” or “Ethics Through Dungeons and Dragons”, all while earning a fully accredited, rigorous diploma that prepares them for whatever’s next.

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Young people deserve better

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A school for creative thinkers, big dreamers, and change-the-worlders

We believe potential isn’t defined by grades. The average millionaire had a C+ in college; meanwhile, plenty of uninspired students get straight As. We find and accelerate high-potential students with boundless curiosity just waiting to be unlocked.

At Sora, students discover what they find beautiful and important in the world. They learn by diving into classes and projects grounded in real problems – helping them answer an important question: What will you work towards?

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The world has changed. Why hasn't education?

Sora is school reimagined for the 21st Century, built on the best learning science and educational practices.

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Every student designs their own curriculum, choosing from a buffet of real-world learning opportunities that ignite their curiosity.

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Flexible Learning

Sora is online and students can attend from anywhere. And we take support seriously, including daily standups and a dedicated advisor.

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Passionate Culture

Sora is a tight-knit, inclusive community. Students across cultures and interests come together to create legendary work.

Attend a virtual open house this week

See if Sora is right for you. Register for an upcoming open house, and we’ll send you an information packet shortly.

Note: Unfortunately, we are not currently enrolling rising seniors at this time. Also, we are not able to serve GED-seeking adults.  

How Our Program Works

At Sora, our teachers design online classes that are interdisciplinary, engaging, and made relevant to today’s world. Students also have the opportunity to propose their own independent study projects for academic credit. If approved, the project will be overseen by a learning expert and allow students to build on their areas of interest and inquiry.

Our daily schedule looks much more like a university than a middle or high school: our students spend 2-4 hours per day in live, engaging classes, labs, or debates and use the rest of their time on pre-reading, assignments, personal projects, office hours, advising meetings, or student-run clubs.

Also, much like a university, our students are assigned a close advisor who attends their House’s daily standup and facilitates one-on-one meetings every two weeks. We are determined to provide unparalleled support to our students and their families. 

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Competitive in 
College Admissions

Flexible Tuition Program

We are proud to have a student body that represents a wide range of socioeconomic backgrounds. Our Flexible Tuition program starts at $3,600/yr, depending on household income.

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